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São Paulo attractions: beach resorts and facilities


Top Beaches
Overall rating:
Rank: 9 About 50

If you're travelling to Brazil, São Paulo is the right place to be if you get tired of laid-back beaches; the city thrives and it's the financial hub of the country. It's also Brazil's most...

Reviewed by: Michel

1 Litoral Norte
Overall rating:
Rank: 45 About 50

Litoral Norte is a popular beach and a famous weekend spot for the people of San Paulo and the tourists too.  This beach is inviting with a glimpse of Brazilian life totally away from the chaos of the country. This beach...

Reviewed by: Laalamani


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Overall rating: 8
  Brazil is as dangerous as many other cities. The diference lays on you: I've been living in São Paulo... Next  

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