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São Paulo Landmarks and Historic sites

São Paulo attractions: monuments and popular sights

Landmarks and Historic sites

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Rank: 5 About 33

Sala São Paulo (São Paulo Room) exhibits concerts from Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo (Symphonic Orchestra of São Paulo State) and it is internationally recognized by its quality. It’s...

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Rank: 11 About 33

The city is considered one of the major gastronomy zones in the world. It has more than one thousand restaurants with typical food from all Brazilian regions and practically from all over the world. That’s why paulistanos always...

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How to Get There
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Rank: 12 About 33

São Paulo is 420 Km far from Rio de Janeiro and 1020 Km far from Brasilia. Flights to the main business and tourism centers depart from the International Airport, 30 Km far from the city center. Both Congonhas Airport, in the...

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Rank: 17 About 33

São Paulo is a modern metropolis, which offers an excellent structure, especially to business tourism. There are hotels from national and international companies, transportation and communications effective services. The city has...

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Rank: 20 About 33

The paulista nightlife doesn’t stop. There are several types of bars, with live music from all origins and rhythms or quiet cafés for nice chats, show houses with exhibitions of national and international artists, clubs to...

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1 Universidade de São Paulo
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Rank: 22 About 33

Universidade de São Paulo was created in 1934, but was established in 1827. This historic building is one of the three public universities which were funded by Sao Paulo State. This university is also considered as one of the...

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Rank: 23 About 33

São Paulo has excellent art and historical museums. The modern and bold building MASP keeps an internationally famous collection of artists like Bosch, Rembrant, Poussin, Van Gogh, Renoir and Degas. Pinacoteca do Estado (State...

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2 Basilica de Sao Bento
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Rank: 24 About 33

The Sao Bento monastery is a must visit basilica for the visitors. It was built in 1634 along with the Abbey. This places is added to the Basilica of Our Lady of Assumption and is home of 40 cloistered monks who pray and work...

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3 Ibirapuera Park
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Rank: 30 About 33

Ibirapuera is a very arboreal urban park considered the “Lung of São Paulo”, where paulistas go to take a walk and practice sports. It has several artistic spaces – MAC, Museu de Arte Contemporânea...

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