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Fuerte Olimpo is the capital city of the Alto Paraguay Region in the country of Paraguay. It was previously known as Fuerte Bordon. It is based very close to the river Paraguay. It was founded in the year 1792. The population here is very scanty and stands at 4,492. The city is guarded and surrounded by a strong ancient wall that is 4 km long. There is also a lagoon named Laguna Capitan in this region. It is situated in a valley region between two mountains. This city is at an altitude of 300 mts. above the sea level. The weather here is warm and cannot be considered as harsh. The maximum ... More temperature in summer goes up to 45 degrees in the summers and the minimum in 9 degrees in wintres. The rainfall here is very irregular. There are several droughts followed by strong heavy rains that take place here. This place has a good quality of soil which is used on a large scale for agriculture as well as for raising cattle.

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