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Pedro Juan Caballero
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Pedro Juan Caballero is a small but a popular standing city in Paraguay. It is the capital and also located in the Amambay Department, which is a large administrative part of Paraguay. The Brazilian state of Mata Grosso is found to be bordering this city. As the name clearly indicates, this town was named after a man named Pedro Juan. This part of Paraguay is silent in cultural places but there are some things that never fail to create a stir here. As seen from the climatic point of view, this town is no different from the rest of Paraguay. The climate here is very favourable and is completely ... More enjoyable by the people out here. The maximum temperature never goes above 43 degrees and the minimum never goes below 8 degrees. There is adequate rainfall enough to serve this city well. The population here is mainly engrossed in trade and the population here is around 75,109 which is a good sign of development.

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