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Plaza Tupac Amaru in Cuzco

Cuzco Parks and Garden: Information about Plaza Tupac Amaru

Info about Plaza Tupac Amaru

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Category: Parks and Gardens
Address: Cusco, Peru

Reviews Plaza Tupac Amaru

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Plaza Tupac Amaru

Located just east of the center of Cuzco, Peru, Plaza Tupac Amaru is situated in the El Ovalo neighborhood of the famous city. The Plaza is a monumental park, dedicated to Túpac Amaru II, perhaps the most important figure in Cuzco's revolt against Spanish control in the late 18th century.

The plaza features a large sculpture of Amaru riding a horse into battle, and commemorates his role as a key player in the (unfortunately failed) fight for Peru's independence and native rights. The park is primarily constructed out of stone, with steps leading up to the inspirational statue. The park also features a fountain area enclosed by a small fence.

Amaru's revolution claimed the lives of more than 90,000 people, both natives and Spaniards alike. Although Amaru was captured and killed in 1871, his rebellion lasted for another year after his death. The native Indians and Mestizos of Peru proclaimed Tupac Amaru II “King of America” for his leadership and sacrifices throughout his life. He is a man who will not soon be forgotten in South American history.


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