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Local crafts at Plaza San Blas in Cuzco

Shopping in Cuzco: Local crafts at Plaza San Blas

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Category: Shopping
Address: Tandapata, Cuzco, Peru

Reviews Local crafts at Plaza San Blas

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Local crafts at Plaza San Blas

Plaza San Blas is known as the artistic center of Cuzco, Peru. There are several opportunities to find artwork, trinkets, and authentic Peruvian keepsakes here. The area also offers several other things to see and do, including art galleries, craft workshops, and street vendors.

The San Blas area is particularly well-known for the jewelry it has to offer. Most of the items are one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted items, made by the artsy locals who put off friendly vibes and exhibit a carefree bohemian lifestyle. Several of the shops present the opportunity to stop and watch, as the local artisans are in the actual process of making their merchandise.

As San Blas is located on the top of a hill, be sure to wear comfortable shoes if traveling on foot. Once you've reached the top, the area also offers a stunning cityscape view of Cuzco. The area also offers several fantastic cafes and eateries where you can relax between shopping excursions. This is a great place to absorb authentic Peruvian culture. Beware: Many tourists become locals soon enough, as they eventually realize how much they enjoy the area and its lifestyle.


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