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Caracas Landmarks and Historic sites

Caracas attractions: monuments and popular sights

Landmarks and Historic sites

1 Ciudad Universitaria
Overall rating:
Rank: 4 About 40

Ciudad Universitaria or the University City of Caracas is the main campus of the Central University of Venezuela. Designed by Carlos Raul Villanueva, a Venezuelan architect, this historic building...

Reviewed by: Punam
Address: Av Interna U.C.V., Caracas, Venezuela

Cerro El Avila
Overall rating:
Rank: 6 About 40

Cerro El Avila is a mountain guarding the capital of Venezuela from the Caribbean waters. ‘The green guardian’, as it is often called, has a pleasant annual average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius....

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

2 Helicoide de Caracas
Overall rating:
Rank: 15 About 40

This peculiar landmark is built in Roca Tarpeya, in the S. Augustin Parish and is one of the most recognisable landmarks on the skyline of Caracas.  Designed by Architect Jorge Romero, it is roughly...

Reviewed by: Rhys

3 El Capitolio Nacional
Overall rating:
Rank: 19 About 40

El Capitolio Nacional, built in 1870, is situated to the southwest of Plaza Bolivar and is a government building.Its oval hall, Salon Eliptic, has a Carrboro on the ceiling of the dome which dates back to...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Esquina Padre Sierra

4 Arco de la Federation
Overall rating:
Rank: 21 About 40

Arco de la Federation was built in 1895 by then President Joaquin Crespo. It is in fact the part of Paseo El Calvario which was built in the eighteenth century by President Guzman Blanco on the hill of Calvario....

Reviewed by: Nadish
Address: Paseo El Calvario, Urbanización El Silencio, Caracas, Venezuela


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