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How to move in Bangkok  

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Reviews Bangkok

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Overall rating 9
How to move : Would not recommend a bike due to extreme traffic situation. The heart of Bangkok and almost all major interesting spots can easily be reached by train, metro or skytrain, except the old town. This typical sightseeing part though is best... more visited by taxi or tuktuk. The latter usually overcharge. For taxis tip those drivers who use the meter - they are happy to do so more often then. Those who don't are likely to overcharge you anyway - you can only try to negotiate them down. Sometimes you have no other choice as many taxis are taken and you may not have a big advantage in trying to find the next taxi who uses the meter as it can sometimes take a very long time.
Not to be missed Kings palace , Mochit weekend market , Sukhumvit
Overall rating 9
How to move : I have some fun and make some romantic. I want see whole city and i want eat from high building and I want travell many places in Bangkok and I want shopping from chepest shops in Bangkok
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