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Shopping in Bangkok  

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Reviews Bangkok

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raffaella ronchi
Level 17     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Couple
Overall rating 10
Shopping and Souvenirs : I'm a fan of local crafts and I love the statues of elephants. I bought several, made of different materials: wood, metal, stone, cloth. Loads of magnets, key chains and lighters for myself and for my friends. Hand-painted tapestries, carved... more wooden panels and many other souvenirs. This city is wonderful to me because there are all sorts of markets everywhere!
ricky ponto
Overall rating 8
Shopping and Souvenirs : You can buy many things at here. enjoy your vocation in many place and bars. shopping centre and night market have a cheap price for gift. thailand give you journey to real asia. the beautiful temples and very awesome. you can't... more believe it in the world have a beatiful country like thailand.
Not to be missed Ancient City (Muang Boran)
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