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Roberto: It is a wonderful sight to see at any time of the year, in any season. The...


Dreaming California Dreaming California Seeking sun all year round? Want to be surrounded by beautiful people? Catch up with Hollywood royalty? How about trekking and amazing beaches? California offers so...
Hey guys - Czech this out!!! Hey guys - Czech this out!!!
Full of histroy and the magic of ages, Prague is a...
St. Petersburg, the Venice of the North? St. Petersburg, the Venice of the North?
Canals, ballet, art and history are just some of...

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Cathedral of Saint Nicolò

The Cathedral of San Nicolò is the most important place of...


Kruger National Park - Safaris

A Safari in Kruger National Park. Kruger National Park is in South...



  kilimanjaro trekking safaris , serengeti manyara,...


Etruscan Necropolis

Etruscan Necropolis-Tarquinia (Viterbo) The necropolis of...

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Andrew Yesterday at 11:41
Helston 7
Helston Churches are good. Also, look around the museum that is free with its thousands of artifaces...

Peter 7/21/2014 At 16:25
Lecce 9
We drove to Lecce from Ostuni one Sunday in July. Access was easy as was parking (also free on...

Darshan 7/21/2014 At 15:03
Pune 8
A must see place in PUNE, The Darshan Museum, located in Central Pune in the first floor of Sadhu...

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Dine About Town 2012 In San Francisco Restaurants
Its so nice when the intensity of Christmas...
Cultural Expedition
of Ethiopia en-dowed with a remarkably rich...
Burundi - The Gem of East Africa
We recently returned from a trip to the 5...

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Hawaii Cliff Diving
It may seem crazy, but there's peopole who love diving from unbelievable heights....
Freeriders in the Gobi Desert
You must be fool, but even the desert can become an amazing place!
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