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Reviewed by: kavin
Location: Los Angeles
Departure date: from 11/12/2010 to
Travelers: 1
Name of travelers:


I am going to this trip to los angeles. I will view some of the interesting places in los angeles. I am going to see Abbot Kinney Blvd. this is a street where different and unique types of restaurants and shops are available. Also there are boutiques and eateries in this area.  


I went los angeles  in my last weekend. There I saw some places. I am mentioning those places here. The first place I saw was Abbot Kinney Blvd. I am writing about this place in detail.


Abbot Kinney Blvd.: It was named as an amusement park in 1905 by the founder of Venice. This market street is full with shops and restaurants. All these are unique to the area. A stretch of the strip which runs from Venice Blvd to Main St is the most interesting place to see. There are unique kinds of boutiques and eateries lined up here. There are no chain stores here. Neighborhood feel can be felt here. Only few tourists view here. Abbot Kinney St. Festival takes place here in every September.  

 After visiting this place I stayed in a hotel Best Western Dragon Gate Inn.  This website also provides many other hotels. All these hotels provide world class amenities to the customers and also satisfy all the customers. The hotel in which I stayed was also a great hotel and was very comfortable to me. I returned from los angeles with great memories. 

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