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White Sulphur Springs Travel Guide  

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Info about White Sulphur Springs

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White Sulphur Springs is located in the south-eastern part of the state of West Virginia in the USA. This town with a population of approximately 2,300 inhabitants is a premier resort city in the country.
July is the hottest month with the average daytime temperatures at 30°C; maximum rainfall is in the summer months of May and July. The average temperature in the peak of winters is –7.2°C.
In the nineteenth century, White Sulphur Springs became popular with the wealthy visitors of the country when the hot springs of the area became known. Soon it became an exclusive spot for the rich to unwind as well as avail of curative treatments. It was nicknamed the Queen of the Watering Places.
The establishment of a golfing club in the late nineteenth century—oldest of its kind in America—attracted even more crowds. The Greenbrier, a resort in the town, is considered to be one of the best in the country.

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Robert Bale
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Overall Guide : White Sulphur Springs got its name from the hot springs found in the city. The I-64 W Tourist Information Center provides all the required information to the visitors. The Greenbrier Resort stands as one of the country’s extremely plush and... more distinct resorts. Art Colony Gallery is situated inside the resort which features the artwork of seven famous artists around the region. America's first golf course was opened in White Sulphur Springs in 1884 and is called Oakhurst Links. Travelers visiting the place play the game replicating the golfers of 1884. The clubs are the classic 19th Century hickory-shafted and log-nosed while the balls are of ‘guttie’ variety. The tees are made of sand. Each year in June, the place holds tournaments of The US National Hickory Championship. Book-lovers find refuge at White Sulphur Springs Library, which houses thousands of books on various subjects. One of the prominent attractions of the town is Pleasant Valley Campground. It is located near the exits 185 and 175 on the I-64 highway, near West Virginia state line. The All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV) private trails are the biggest draw of the park.
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