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Lahore Travel Guide  

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Lahore, or the ‘City of Gardens’, is the capital of the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s second largest city, housing about 10 million inhabitants. Lahore is the most visited city in the country for its lush gardens and parks, Mughal architecture and energetic markets.
Lahore is typified by an extreme climate. Summers can be scorching hot whereas winters are rather chilling. May to July is the hottest period while winters extend from December to February. Heavy rainfall is experienced throughout the city.
Lahore was glorious even during the Mughal era with some of the finest constructions and gardens still prevalent. In present times, Lahore is one of the most economically active cities in Pakistan. Lahore Stock Exchange is Pakistan’s second largest stock exchange.

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Reviews Lahore

Shahnaz- (UK)
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : Very cultural, historical city, great to visit the old city and get lost in the twisting alleyways!!!, lots of cheap eating places around, great shopping in Anarkali, Ichra , Liberty, Fortress stadium bring an empty suitcase!or end up paying excess... more baggage charges! you need it to load up with your shopping/souvenirs. Good parks around - Race course park, Lawrence gardens, zoo is a good place to visit. Lots of rickshaws around bargain hard!not so comfortable on the back if lots of pot holes in the road! traffic is chaos! if your driving a car then look out for road users driving without lights at night that applies to cars, motorbikes, rickshaws, and pedal cycles don't even have lights!! in fact if your from abroad and on holiday don't even try driving in Lahore - you will need some serious stress therapy! every were you will hear people honking you! no patience!! Talking of stress therapy cheap beauty salons around in Lahore - to enjoy a facial/mani/pedi- treat yourself if you are on holiday, we found a great spa called SAMS in Gulberg and DHA for affordable luxury spa treatments- great relaxation pool/jacuzzi in natural surroundings, enjoy a body massage, spa facial, great juice bar they have a medical spa - with anti-ageing treatments, hair loss treatments and a dental spa with economical prices check out their website www.sams.pk By the way best time to go to Lahore is March/April as after that too hot and humid and if your used to no problems with electricity back at home then be prepared for a load of load shedding - unless your staying in a place with a generator then that's not such an issue, if not then don't get to absorbed in watching TV as you will find that watching your favourite film/drama the light will go , and no TV! untill 1 hr later if you are lucky unless load shedding is for many hrs!Whilst in Lahore go and see the closing of the border ceremony at Wagah see the soldiers from both side out salute/out-shout each other! Have a great trip.
Rida Mazhar
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Family
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : Lahore is a beautiful city. It is the capital of Punjab, called main cultural center of Punjab. One of the most densely populated cities in the world, Lahore remains an economic, political, transportation, entertainment, and educational hub. It is referred... more to as the "Mughal City of Gardens" due to the historic presence of gardens in and around the city dating back to the Mughal period. Lahore's population was 6,310,000.[9] A 2010 government estimate now puts the population at 10,000,000. The Lahore Expo Centre is one of the biggest projects in the history of the city and was inaugurated on 22 May 2010.[65] Lake City is a resort and residential development planned on the outskirts of Lahore.Lahore's economic strength relies on the fact that it is the biggest city of Pakistan's most populous province.The economy is also enhanced by Lahore's historic and cultural importance. Being the capital of the largest province in Pakistan brings the city one of the largest development budgets in the country.
m shahzeb siddiqui from akora khattak
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Lahore is a very beautiful and enjoyable city. There is a very thing for every one. Their people are very friendly. Lahore is known for its delicious foods. There is no other place like Lahore all around the world. Lahore... more is a wonderful place to visit. There are historical places as well that tell us about over history. Many historical places just like Mosque 'wazir khan ''badshahi mosque'' shahi hamam' and much more historical hawelis. A very famous old cultured city since mughul empire in sub continent place of historical heritage. The people of Lahore is so loving. The tomb of qutub ud din abak in anar kali bazar. Very nice zoo, museum etc.
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Born at Lahore years ago, i feel much pride of being Lahori,as my forefathers had been living here for centuries. Lahore is my love and i can not be far from Lahore.Rich in culture,history especially Mughals and earlier Muslim Emperors... more like Aibak,it is full of joy for visitors.Food is very tastious even the best in world.The we lahorites are very open minded and this open mindedness has converted it to a metropolitan of over 15 millions.The most popular mark of Lahore is mazar of Sufi Ali Hajveri for which it is called "data di Nagri" because of his noble and untirdy services for Islam for decades . Who does not want to come and see Lahore. Only one who does not want to be born.
Robert Bale
Level 100     6 Trophy   
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : The Lahore Museum is a noteworthy museum, which presents an exotic collection of Buddhist as well as Islamic artefacts, ancient manuscripts, costumes and ornaments. The Festival of Lamps is a riveting festival held annually in spring. People from all walks... more of life actively participate in the various cultural activities held during the festival. The World Performing Arts Festival is a ten-day festival of musicals, dance shows, theatre and puppetry shows. It is held at the Alhambra cultural complex which houses several theatres. The National Horse and Cattle Show is another famous annual event which holds the display of excellent livestock, vibrant folk dances, tattoo shows as well as horse and camel dances. The Shalimar Gardens is regarded as one of the world’s best Persian style gardens. It consists of three terrace gardens embellished with marble pillars, exquisite pools, water fountains and much more.
imran shahid
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Family
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : Lahore is the city from where Pakistan's every field begins and then flourish in the whole Pakistan. I visited for many times Lahore but at every time i get something new. Especially now Lahore has become a metropolitan and metro... more city. Lahore is blend of matchless beauty of ancient as well as modern very mod and religious, informative and thought provoking, traditional and creative, the city where saints are resting in peace, the city city where kings and queens are sleeping, where we get what we want like history, literature, science, arts,
Not to be missed Iqbal Park , Badshahi Mosque
hafeez awan
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : Good city and lot to see. Good history and of course very good food at affordable prices in the streets and restaurants. Have some very interesting historical sites like shalimar gardens built by mougal dynasty, badshahi mosque, lahore fort, mahraja... more rangeet singh marrri, mazars of hazrat data gung baksh, mian mir sarkaqr, allama iqbal s tomb, old and traditional bazars like anarkali, shahalmi, ichra and many more.
Not to be missed Badshahi Mosque
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : Lahore is very beautiful. Good history and of course very good food at affordable prices in the streets and restaurants. Have some very interesting historical sites like shalimar gardens built by mougal dynasty, badshahi mosque, lahore fort, mahraja rangeet singh... more marrri, mazars of hazrat data gung baksh, mian mir sarkaqr, allama iqbal s tomb, old and traditional bazars like anarkali, shahalmi, ichra and many more
Not to be missed Lahore Museum
Rana Khalil Ahmad
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : In the name of Lahore we can say (that who did not see Lahore he is still unborn) this is not the name of a city this is complete idea of lively, cordial, straight forward, humane and have a heart... more of gold, fond of festivals, strengthened folks can change the scenario of politics if thought and sans all of it they are fond of cuisine and variety of places to enjoy as you think i am lahorities and i am proud of it because i did not futile leisure time here every opportunity is available here so don't miss your boat to visit Lahore completely
Muhammad Faizan Intsar
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : Lahore is an historical city. It is very big city in Pakistan. There is a lot of fun of life. It is very good city for live. Every facilities of life are available here like education, hospitals, technology, tranportations, business,... more entertaiment, playground etc. It is a very expensive city but u can manage by controll your expenses if your income is not enough for extra expenses. Lahore is also safe for life. The life of this city is a very buzy life but also entertaining.
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What to visit

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