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Harare Travel Guide  

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Harare is localized in south east Zimbabwe and it is a beautiful, light-filled,
open city situated high on the country's central plateaux.
It is a city of modern buildings, wide thoroughfares, numerous parks and gardens. It is a city whose streets are lined with flowering trees and a wonderful and invigorating climate.

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Reviews Harare

Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Couple, Friends, Solo, Family
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : I am a resident and honestly speaking, it is a beautiful city. Of course it does not live up to the standards of Jo'burg and other major cities, but it has great potential. The people are warm and accommodating, and... more its a safe place. Not discarding the issue of street kids who may victimize unsuspecting people, but these are rarely a menace during the day. For jazz lovers, be sure to be at Jazz 105 or the Book Cafe on a Friday night, you will stomp your feet like crazy. For nature lovers, there is Lake Chivero, Dunhuramambo, etc to visit. There are also plenty of nice restaurants, especially in the leafy Borrowdale area. Personally I love Sopranos, Meikles and the Pointe. We use the USD, the fate of the local currency is yet to be found out as that much depends on the elections outcome. But generally speaking, people are struggling to make ends meet and barely manage to access the basics. Where I come from, I know families who cant afford to send their children to school. I am paid below the stipulated PDL, but I manage to provide for my family modestly. It's not enough, and its sad that other people consider us "well up". I have confidence Harare will exceed its former glory, and you just have to be here to experience its warmth and beauty. I promise you will love this cosy city!
Not to be missed Lake Chivero , Visit Jazz 105 for a good jazz night
Mai Abbey
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : My family and I are from Australia but lived in the suburb of Epworth for 10 months during 2012. The people there were resoundingly kind, friendly and welcoming. The rich side of town is like another world compared to Epworth.... more People live like kings and queens in their walled mansions: with multiple servants, BMW's, high fences, security alarms, latest technology and dinner parties. If you want luxury, there is plenty available in Harare but if you want to experience gracious warmth and hospitality, it might be necessary to go further afield. HIFA is brilliant. Combi transport is fine but accidents are not uncommon. Harare National Art Gallery is worth a look.
Not to be missed HIFA , Vumba or Nyanga , Great Zimbabwe
Overall rating 5
Overall Guide : Generally friendly people, although there is an increasing number of those who will take advantage of the friendliness and thus this friendly nature of harareans is decreasing! Not alot of hangout places compared to S.A. but lots of potential. A... more need to decentralise activiteis as its getting seriously crowded. One thing that really puts me off is the dirt in the streets.
Not to be missed Samy Levy's village , Lake Chivero , Donnybrooke - drag racing
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : I was in deference cardinal points of African continent. Harare is one the few most beautiful cities in this African continent. Marvelous weather, Dust free, Animal free, Flowered streets, Minimal crime and people are warm and mind their business. Educated... more people and easy to engage in any discussions. Ready to help and majority are Christians. Don't miss Harare gardens, Mbare market, Museum and lake Chivero.
Not to be missed national museum in harare , Harare gardens , Mbare market
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Couple, Friends, Solo, Family
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Good city but over crowding is becoming a problem nowadays, especially traffic jams since street are narrow and not designed to take a large volume of traffic. Illegal vending is also a big concern because streets are now clogged with... more venders. Effort should be made to build satellite shopping centers around CBD to free congestion and also to bring the city to it's previously clean state.
Not to be missed Mukuvisi woodlands , Epoworth balancing rocks , Joina city
organise maturure
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Family
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Its a nice place where God is being searched like I don't know. People in Harare are business minded and they are not lazy, they dont leave their wives running all around to look for what can help the family... more to survive, rather man in Harare believe that the family can be functional even though the women are not participating in "money hunting" which is different from other places. Ladies in Harare are blessed.
Not to be missed Car Rental & Transfer Service , hotels , Borrowdale Race course
flo bamu
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Friendly, sun shine, city affordable. Good food. Big accormodation. Good employment. Tourism sites are beautiful. Clean water. Good health facilities. Animal friendly place. Farming produce. Organic food. Good and high education. Safe place to live, cheap maintanance. Cheap and good... more service of transportation.
dickden phiri
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Harare is a very nice land, Harare is blessed by God and um proud to be a Zimbabwen. There is a very good weather and btfll buildings. There many good cities in Zimbabwe but Harare is above all. Harare is... more our capital city in Zimbabwe. I love Harare and I am proud that i live in Harare. Thank you for reading.
Mr Aviary
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Solo
Overall rating 5
Overall Guide : To be honest, Harare is lacking on many fronts. When I first came to Harare, I made a point of greeting people in the morning, but I stopped when I saw that most people were scared or hostile to my... more greetings. While you can meet many people and have good discussions, a lot of people are quick to take advantage of situations.
Not to be missed Mazvikadei Dam , Mbizi Game park , Mukuvisi woodlands
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Couple
Overall rating 9
Overall Guide : Harare is a very modern City that offers lots of places to eat and drink. The People in Harare are very friendly and approachable. The crime rate is minimal. There is hardly any violent crime. The weather is about the... more best that I have experienced on the globe. So wish you a wonderful first experience!!!!
Not to be missed safaris , victoria falls , Botanical garden
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What to visit

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