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Kabul Travel Guide  

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Reviews Kabul

Robert Bale
Level 100     6 Trophy   
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. It is situated in the middle of the country on the Kabul River. Its height of about 1800m (5900ft) makes Kabul one of the highest capital cities in the world. Kabul counts... more around 1 million inhabitants, the population is composed of a majority group of Tajiks and an important minority of Pashtuns. In the past Kabul has been a very important economic and cultural centre because of its closeness to the Khyber Pass located in the mountains dividing Afghanistan from Pakistan. Some of the typical manufacturing products of Kabul are: textiles, processed food, chemicals and wood products. Kabul has an University founded in 1932. It was the most important and best known centre of higher education all over the region in the years between 1970 and 1980, unfortunately it got closed because of the war in 1992. Today it ha been reopened in part, but only a few students are attending it. For having the same success as in the past it would need to be reconstructed. In 1504 Kabul got its great importance when it was made capital of the Moghul Empire by the conqueror Babur. In 1526 Delhi replaced Kabul as the imperial capital but Kabul kept its importance as Moghul centre until it was captured by the Persian ruler named Nadir Shah in 1738. In 1747 Kabul became part of an independent Afghan state and in the 1770s it replaced Quandahar as the capital of Afghanistan. In the 19th century it was of great importance for British, Persian and Russian rivalry because of the control of the Khyber Pass, it was twice occupied by British troops, in 1839-1842 and 1879-1880. After 1940 the city of Kabul grew as an industrial centre. In 1979 Kabul was also occupied by troops of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and they left Afghanistan only in February 1989. But the most disastrous event in its history was the civil war between 1992 and 1996, Kabul lost over 50.000 people. From 1996 to 2001 the city was controlled by the Taliban government, when they withdrew the Northern Alliance took over Kabul. The role of UN and World community are very important in bringing a stable government in Kabul.
shafi muslim
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Kabul is the best city in world, i like it so so much, i can't stay alive without kabul when ever i am going somewhere i will miss kabul, i can't stop loving kabul, i like it what ever it... more is dusty ... i like it we can say small new York but beautiful more than now York it have everything football clubs swimming pool internment places the war ring nice cloths nice then we have more than 32 countries army our style is also more than 32 countries love you kabul for everrrr omwaaa
M Haroon A
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : All of the various acts of worship contained in the divine laws are designed to help humans remember God. It is natural for human beings to sometimes forget even the most important things. Humans often become so engrossed in fulfilling... more their material needs that they totally forget their spiritual needs. Regular prayer is ordained to organize the day of the true believer.
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Solo
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Good people, strangled between bad! Better disguise like the locals to stay safe between the good and bad. Always keep map or you'll get lost. Never offer Dollars for Transport, it gets expensive. Watch for the roadside digs, either driving... more or walking. Police force and Local army are really good people. Always trust them.
Not to be missed Lake Qargha , Paghman , Amazing Views
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : I found Kabul is a nice place to live, specially its weather is fine. One can enjoy for all four seasons along with raining and snowing. I lived in Kabul almost two years and enjoyed. I experiences different kind of... more people living living according to their culture and traditions. Northern areas with hilly points are very nice and beautiful. We had a picnic and BBQ.
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Couple
Overall rating 9
Overall Guide : Kabul is a great place, Kabul is the heart of Asia with beautiful weather, the people are nice and kind lots intersting places to visit, good hotels and resturants. What the media presents the image of afghansitan it is not... more like that, once u enter Kabul then you will know that it is a great city, safe and secure, feeling like home i been there more than 10 times and still want to visit and stay there.
Not to be missed having food in hotels , Beautiful Weather , Lake Qargha
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends, Family
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and very nice and interesting city in all Afghanistan. It has really nice and fresh city and this is a big city and really pleasure place in Afghanistan; I like this city and want... more to live there for all and most of the afghan people like to stay there in this city.
Mir Frahmand
Level 11     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Couple
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : I have been in Kabul in 2010. Kabul needs more attention towards building of streets and lanes in subarbs of Kabul. Kabul museum needs attention and storing of the lost objects. I believe we should keep old Kabul intact for... more the purpose future income through the tourists visits.
Not to be missed See the game of Buzkashi in Mazare-e Sharif , Travel to Bamyan , Paghman
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Kabul is capital of Afghanistan it is located in the heart of asia and it got it independent in 1919 by Ghazi Amanullah khan and the first king of Afghanistan was Yama and for the first time capital of Afghanistan... more was in kandahar provence and it change to kabul by Temor Sha
Level 9     1 Trophy   
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Kabul is the most beautiful city in Afghanistan. The kabul boy and girls wear nice clothes it is really fantastic I like it so much but Kabul hast one problem witch is dust. Sometimes the weather is so dusty and... more the people can not walk on the pavement. For me it's the best city in the world.
Not to be missed swimming , football
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What to visit

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