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Adilabad Travel Guide  

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Adilabad is a district in Andhra Pradesh in India. The district headquarters is at Adilabad Town and it belongs to the underdeveloped Telangana part of the state. It is 300 kilometers from Hyderabad and well connected to the country as it lies on the nation’s biggest highway National Highway No.7. This city is known as a nature lover’s paradise.
Once a part of Maharashtra, Adilabad borders have changed since 1945 to make it a town of Andhra Pradesh. This town city is presently, situated to the North West side of Hyderabad. The district is full of natural beauty and popular for its green forests, waterfalls, wild animals and rivers.. One can also get to visit many wild animal sanctuaries in this district.
This district occupies an area of over 16,128 square kilometers. The climate of the city experiences hot summers. The city has a dry climate and rainfall is during the south west monsoon season.

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Reviews Adilabad

Adumulla Kishan
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Family
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Natural and beautiful District endowed with large extent of varied Flora and Fauna, 40% of area covered with Natural forests which provides excellent climate and adequate rainfall. People are very innocent and live harmoniously, majority of them are Tribal and... more their livelihood depends on agriculture and Forest Produce. The district is rich in several mines and minerals which supplies large extent of coal to the Nation apart from supplying Electricity to other states. Two major perennial rivers (Godhavari and Pranahita) flows through and provides water to the agriculture and for drinking purpose. The district endowed with Natural wonderful water falls that is Kuntla and Pochera which attracts the Tourists throughout the year. Goddess Saraswathi Temple at Basara is Unique in India apart from Nirmal Paintings.
Not to be missed Nirmal Paintings and Forts at Nirmal , Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary , Goddess Saraswathi at Basara Temple
Rathna Srilatha
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Family
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Adilabad is a Ditrict in AP in India. Adilabad is not devoloped town in Telangana. People are very innocent, Tribal and they depends on agriculture and forests produce. Two major rivers flows (Godhavari and Pranahitha) through provides water to the... more agriculture and for drinking purpose and most one of the Basara Temple in Nirmal in Adilabad.
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : It is not devoloped town and it contains forset 45% of the district and it contains ayurvedic things.
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Àdilabad is awesome. Its developing Town. Once there were no reads here now we can see Audi, mercedes and BMW cars running on its roads. Once visit Àdilabad i Promise you wil love the experience. Thanking You..!!
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Adilabad is a safer town. Here we can see pochera water falls, basara temple & kuntala water falls. So many tribal people live in Adilabad. There are no much facilities here. All people live together here.
Not to be missed basara temple , kuntala water falls , Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary
T Pavan Kumar
Level 14     2 Trophy   
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Best place to visit after monsoon. Best Places to visit: BASAR Temple, Nirmal paintings, Forts in Nirmal (under development) Shivaram wildlife Sanctuary, Water falls like Kuntala( A.P's highest waterfall), Pochera waterfall. Places of stay: Basar and Nirmal. Enjoy natural beauty.
Not to be missed Saraswati temple, Basar , Nirmal , kuntala water falls
Overall rating 7
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : It is very poor. And no proper education.
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What to visit

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