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Yangon Travel Guide  

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Yangon is situated in the fertile delta country of southern Myanmar on the Yangon River.
In the 1775 Yangon became the capital of Myanmar when King Alaungpaya made stop the numerous internal wars. Yangon means literally “end of the fight”.
Later the city was first conquered by the British and then by the Japanese and became again capital of Myanmar in 1948.
Today the city is an important cultural centre as well as a very active commercial port.
At present, Yangon has a population of about four million people.
The main religion in Yangon is Buddhism and the local currency is named Kyat.

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Reviews Yangon

Tin Htun
Level 2     0 Trophy   
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : A major seaport in 1900's under British rule and boasted for having same living standard and infrastructure that of London by that time, Yangon is the gate way to Myanmar today. The city is behind the timeline hosting a cluster... more of colonial buildings with imposing architectural designs. In fact, no other cities in Southeast Asia give you that much of colonial warmth and atmosphere like Yangon. Home to six millions of people, the city is the most populated and vibrant place in Myanmar. It’s also the fastest emerging and growing economy due to recent changes in political and economy policy. Yet, the smiling people wearing “thanakha (yellowish paste prepared from a tree-bark)” on the face and traditional “longyi (sarong)” underneath never fail in welcoming a guest with simplicity. The modern and sophisticated life-style of 21st century has not changed its contemporary happy-go-lucky-people in Yangon. They are slow, soft and gentle at all time. Tea-shops, betel-nut sellers, noodle-shops with local delicacies, etc. flooding onto main and side streets, a short walk into downtown Yangon (old Yangon) is truly offering visitors a unique experience. Yangon attractions:Shwedagon Pagoda: Built on a high and strategic hill, Shwedagon Pagoda is the most sacred place in Myanmar. It has a 2600yr history and strongly believed that eight strands of Buddha hair relic were enshrined. Standing 100m tall, its complex is really awesome overrun by many prayer-halls, rest-houses, hundreds of Buddha images, lesser stupa and temples around. A landmark of the country, the pagoda itself is covered with plate of gold from the top to bottom. Multi-tier of roofs in different designs are spreading all around energetically. Evening walk onto the platform is so special and spiritual. While the sun is going down, the colors flow glitter and glow. This venue is an art museum and it really is. The beauty of Shwedagon is beyond words! Downtown (Little India and Chinatown): Most vibrant and busiest neighborhood, downtown (Little India and Chinatown) is the best place to have a walking tour. Located in the heart of Yangon, narrow streets lined up with many old colonial buildings and newly built apartments, morning local markets, the jetty on the river and 19th street in the evening filled up with barbecue and beer stations are some of the most authentic Myanmar lifestyle to explore. Scott (Bogyoke) Market: Built in 1926, Scott (Bogyoke) market is famous for its distinctive colonial architecture and inner cobblestone streets. It has lots of jewelry shops, antique, art galleries, cosmetic and clothing stores. You can buy from a simple Myanmar slipper to a jewelry crown there in spectacular array of million items! Chaukhtagyi: Originally built in 1907, the giant reclining Buddha image of Chaukhtagyi is a quiet place to retreat. This approx: 65m long image was donated by Sir Pho Thar, the very first Myanmar knighted by the British during their time. The neighborhood is hosting many small monasteries. Getting to see monks there and make your visit more special in knowing their ascetic life. Sule: Well known for its octagonal structure from the bottom to the top, Sule Pagoda was originally constructed by “Mon” people. Originally South Indian structure in form and function, there are many local architectural elements and touches incorporated. Located in the heart of the downtown, Sule Pagoda and circle has always been an important spot in contemporary Myanmar politics, ideology and geography. Believed to have a strand of hair relic from Buddha, the golden spire is extending into the skyline. Botataung Pagoda: A famous place in Yangon waterfront believed to have two small body relics and scared hair of Buddha. “Bo” is military officer and “tataung” is one thousand. It’s said that 1000 military officers were drawn up in welcoming relics of Buddha brought over from India. And thus “Botatataug” means one thousand military officers. Unlike other shrines, it has a hollow maze-like cave heavily coated with gold leaf. Towering above 43m from the ground, Botataung is the symbol of vitality and energy.
Robert Bale
Level 100     6 Trophy   
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : In the last years Yangon had a fast development in its trade activities and also many hotels, motels and lodges were built. It is full of green places and trees and is completely different to other Asian cities... more of the same size. There are many famous pagodas in Yangon worth to be seen and which give the city also a religious importance all over Myanmar. The climate is typical tropic, characterized by three main seasons: the cool season and best one to visit the city goes from October to February, the hot season from March to May and the rainy season from June to October. The official language is Burman; English is used mostly for tourist and commercial reasons.
Overall rating 9
Overall Guide : This is a very beautiful place where people are very polite and where there is the Shwe Dagon Pagoda. Yangon is really a good place to visit and although it is not a luxurious place, it's going to be quite... more an exiting place. From Yangon, you can go to other interesting places in Myanmar like the Moe Yunn Gyi Wetland in Bago division and the Inle lake in Southern Shan State. I'm sure you'll have an exiting experience in Yangon.
Not to be missed Junction Square , Kandawgyi lake , Shwedagon pagoda
peter Heinz
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Yangon is a good city but weak in road safety due to lack of driving discipline and safety road crossing. No lamp post electricity, unsafe platform with many vendors. No proper bus way and road block by buses looking for... more passenger. No car speed control in the city, scattered garbages with many dirty roads. Hotel room charges are sky high with poor services. Taxis run without meter. Taxi charges are mouth value. People are good and helpful. Shwedagon is unique in ASEAN.
Not to be missed Bo Gyoke Park , Shwedagon pagoda
as tdeew
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends
Overall rating 9
Overall Guide : The city is dirty, people don't follow rules although they're quite friendly. Roads are blocked in many places and the drainage system is not functional and thus streets floods in the rainy season. Some people are very poor, they don't... more have life security or convenience. Weather is fine. Food is good.
Not to be missed Downtown , Outskirts , Shwedagon pagoda
Mya Thet Zin
Level 12     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Couple, Friends, Family
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Yangon, Myanmar is a beautiful place to see when u visit. There are so many culture and ancient pagodas that lasted for thousand of years. You can also visit Shwedagone pagoda that is located in the middle of Yangon and... more it is really peaceful to visit at the morning. Moreover we want more tourist to visit our wonderful view. So PLEASE visit Myanmar for at least once.
Not to be missed Ancient pagodas
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Hotels have become poor value for money compared to other countries in the region particularly Vietnam and Cambodia. Prices are soon to increase even more Oct. 2012. typically $75 per night for a modest place to stay.
Not to be missed Kandawgyi Lake , Inya Lake (eating) , Ancient pagodas
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Very friendly place and good for relaxing. You can see different and interesting scene in this area. Food is really nice! Moderate level of taste, not too strong nor not tasteless. Things here are cheap in general. Only problem is... more the Internet connection. Couldn't get smooth connection.
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Family
Overall rating 9
Overall Guide : Yangon is a nice place to visit. One of the world's wonders, Shwedagon pagoda, is situated in Yangon. The accommodation is very affordable. There are a lot of weakest in discipline and transportation. It's a very crowded city, but the... more citizens are very helpful and friendly.
Not to be missed Pagodas , Visit to the National Zoo , Shwedagon pagoda
Level 9     1 Trophy   
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : It is a good place to visit. It has so many kinds of places such as golden Pagoda, parks, restaurants, supermarkets, plaza, etc. It is also a commerciall city. Yangon is also really small in the map but it is... more a big city in our mind.
Not to be missed hospital , Shwedagon pagoda , The National Museum
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