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Muscat Travel Guide  

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Info about Muscat


Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, is located on the Gulf of Oman at the south part of Al Batinah coast.
It is confined between Gulf of Oman and the mountains of AI Hajr Al Sharyi.
With the great advantage of a deepwater harbour in the western part of the city, Muscat is the heart of the country’s foreign trade.
The capital has nine villages attached to it, these being Sidab, Haramel, Al Bustan, Al Jussa, Qantab, Yankat, Yiti, Al Khayran Al Sifa and Sifat Al Sheikh.
Muscat is certainly one of the oldest cities in the whole Middle East, being known since the second century A.D.
The first foreign presence in Muscat was in the form of the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, who passed through Oman on his way to India. The Portuguese returned in 1507 and made of Muscat a trading post and naval base until 1650 when the Imam Sultan bin Saif defeated the and drove the Portuguese away east to Goa, India. Muscat became the capital of an independent Oman in 1741,when the present dynasty assumed power.
The capital’s growth has been greatly accelerated in the 20th century, following the discovery of rich oil reserves in Arabia.
Today, Muscat can be divided into three main and quite distinctive regions: the old town, Mutrah and Ruwi.
The old town's boundaries are marked by gated walls, enclosing the area around the port, the Sultan's palace and the harbour.
Mutrah is the residential area and Ruwi is the modern business centre.
Muscat is served by an international airport, Seeb-International-Airport, located around 25 km from the city's business district of Ruwi.

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Reviews Muscat

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Robert Bale
Level 100     6 Trophy   
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Muscat has something to offer to every traveller: there are many wonderful places to visit, historic forts and castles and lots of new and exciting developments that have been introduced. For travellers who wish to learn more about... more 16th century Portuguese occupation of Muscat, there are the two magnificent forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani. The Ali Mosque, the New Mosque and the Sultan's Palace are also well worth visiting. The Natural History Museum, displaying the flora and fauna of Oman. The Omani Museum offers a wealth of information about the country's culture, tradition and history. Muttrah's busy fishmarket, where shoppers can buy fish straight off the boat and have it cleaned by a butcher: it is really a nice place to discover. For those who love sea, sand and sun, there is the wonderful Marina Bandar Al Rowdha, which offers water-sports, dolphin watching and countless marine-related activities. It’s a real must, while in Muscat, to experience the sunset under the light sea breeze on one of the beautiful beaches!
Jidin P Jinan
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Couple, Family
Overall rating 5
Overall Guide : Muscat is the capital of Oman. Known since the second century AD, it is one of the oldest cities in the Middle East and the largest city in the Sultanate of Oman. It is also the largest city in the... more governorate of Muscat. Muscat and Oman was affected by unrest erupted out of the death of the Imam in 1679. The Persians then invaded Muscat in 1737. Later in 1803, the Wahabbis of Saudi Arabia who tried to attack Oman were revolted by Sayyid Said bin Sultan. In 1853, the Sultan shifted the capital of Oman to Zanzibar. Later in 1913, Sultan Taimur bin Faisal who became the Sultan renamed the territory as "Muscat and Oman". Muscat's main income comes from trade with exports on dates, mother of pearl, frankincense and fish. Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is the prime source of economy of Muscat.
Not to be missed Salalah , Al Hoota Caves , Beachs
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Very nice people to live and work with, easy to discover muscat and other places, the best transportation way is by renting a car and it's very Cheap and affordable about 25$ per day You must see: 1- salalah during summer in... more muscat 2- the cost side (Sur, sohar) 3- Jabal al akhdar (mountain area) the weather nice during the hall period of the year And so many other...
Overall rating 9
Overall Guide : A wonderful place to live or visit. Very clean with a lot of greenery in comparison to other GCC countries. Good shopping malls where you can do some high end shopping as well as local traditional souqs. Traffic is nightmare... more in certain areas but a lot is bieng done to ease the situation. The locals are friendly and you can find people of other nationalities also. Lots of beautiful places to visit if you are a adventures type,with organised trips and camping.
Not to be missed Oman Adventure , Desert camping , Salalah
Arif Masood contractor
Overall rating 9
Overall Guide : Muscat is best opportunity for those who want to invest and spread his business, because every businessman needs safety, sound area, sound people to do business which we get in Muscat. According to my view Muscat goverment gives complete support... more to those who are interested to invest in Muscat through out the world.
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Family
Overall rating 9
Overall Guide : Oman overall is a lovely place to live. Safe and affordable and clean, If you like travelling and adventure, there are lot of places to visit with good well conneted roads. A lot of greenary every where unlike other parts... more of middle east which is dry. Wonderful and clean beaches, Oman has got the highest mountain ranges in the area and the Views from the top are beautiful. A must place to visit.
Not to be missed SALALAH , Oman Adventure , mountains and site by walking through streams and valleys
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Well, Oman is a beautiful country. It is a muslim country but a Christian can live peacefully there. One does not have to wear the traditional Muslim clothing like in Saudi Arabia. It has a lot of beaches and the... more weather is just incredible! Its always hot haha!
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Family
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : "if you find 3 thing" 1. water 2. security 3. health care then 'establish yourself there' and that In Sultanate of Oman "Is" beautiful keep it that way-get rid of liter and let us shine'. I admire your efforts Our beloved Sultan Qaboos; May... more Allah grant you long life and a better place in the hear After...Amin.
Not to be missed muhafadhat...buraimi must be visisted , roads to Hatta attractive to tourists , mountains and site by walking through streams and valleys
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends, Solo, Family
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : The Oman is Heritage country with high human values. The springs and Sea shore is awesome. Hill stations and Sands will give a full adventure for trekking and Safari drive. So far i visited a lot wadis but not finish... more all. Masirah Islands just wow
Not to be missed Wadis(Springs) , Beachs , Hill stations
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Solo
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Has one of the best leaders, Peace loving / very beautiful country. Friendly descent People mostly in cities, traffic one of the best/ Safe for all. Good tourism spot Nice Beaches, People Crazily love Football. Muscat Festival One of the... more spectacular Events.
Not to be missed Festivals , Ostrich Farm , Masira Dam
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The best attractions and things to do in Muscat

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