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Mogadishu Travel Guide  

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Mogadishu is Somalia’s nominal capital city , eastern Africa, on the Indian Ocean.
In 2004, the population was estimated to be about 2,450,000.
Mogadishu was settled by Arab colonists about the beginning of the tenth century.
The origin of its name is unclear: one version claims it as the Somali version of the Arabic name "maqad shah", imperial seat of the shah, another version claims that it is a Somali version of the Swahili "mwyu ma", last northern city.
The city was occupied in 1871 by the sultan of Zanzibar, who leased it to the Italians in 1892.
In 1905, Italy made it the capital of its colony of Italian Somaliland.
In the World War II, Mogadishu was captured and occupied by the British forces operating from Kenya.
Somalia's long civil war started in the 1970s and rebel forces took the city in 1990.
Many parts of Mogadishu have been seriously damaged by the intense battling between clan-based rebel factions.
In 1992, UN peacekeeping forces were stationed in the city, but when they left, in 1995, the city was again the scene of fighting.
Still today Mogadishu continues to be a dangerous city as clan and faction fighting rages unabated. The city is the seat of the internationally-recognized Transitional National Government, ostensibly an interim government for the entire nation of Somalia, which unfortunately has no real influence outside the radius of a few blocks beyond its headquarters.

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Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Mogadishu is getting better, The Somali National Security Agency are doing great work in securing the city. Peace is relative now and economy is growing like fast, Diaspora Somalis are getting back to invest in business, like malls, real estate... more and likewise foreign real estate companies are there now and building resorts. Mogadishu is certainly Tourist Destination and in 2 or 3 years it surely gonna be the place to book for your summer. Now if you are investor, then use the basic rule, Get in there early! If you are tourist, wait for a while while beach resorts and luxury homes are built then you go there and enjoy yourself. Think about Maldives? Mogadishu has that beauty when built.
abdiqani dahir hersi
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Mogadishu is the best place i have ever seen, it has the best culture and beatiful and good people and all the people are muslim realy it's sea really blue more than any others. I think a place like Mogdishu... more is not on the earth and all their food never stored in cool it's always fresh every meal is realy fresh and even you can get fresh milk coming camals. All i have to say is Mogdishu is a real paradise.
Not to be missed goin the sea , sunbathing , food
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Mogadishu is not dangerous city compared to other cities, in Mogadishu we had beautiful land with fresh soil, it is sorrounded with fertalize regions like middleshabelle and lowershabelle which is for agriculture production
abdulkadir ali
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : It is the first tropical touristic region. started the famous beach known to 2nd lido. it was established earlier in the colonial period by Italians. Now much of the tourist activities transmitted to nearby countries. But if Mogadishu develops its... more security, it will bring back its tourist attractions as quickly as possible. no where in east can compete with it with fun
Ali Maskax
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Mogadishu is dangerous city compared to other cities but it is a beautiful City and enjoyable place in africa. if Mogadishu develops its security, it will bring back its tourist attractions as quickly as possible. No where in east can... more compete with it with fun.
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends, Solo
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Mogadishu is a gifted city with some outstanding features like good climate, coastline/port, agriculture, strategic position. But Mogadishu is backward when it comes to town planning, Space, roads, buildings. Roads are narrow and already traffic congestion has began when the... more number of cars in the city are still few. Mogadishu needs more wider and beautiful roads.
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Good it is very good city, there is many people that make their life. There are many shops, restarants, hospitals. Also Mogadishu has a very good sea, airoports and sports stadiums
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : I can say mogadishu most enjoyable place in africa you can get whatever you want that even you can't get anywhere in east africa so please come and see what is going on in mogadishu and the rest of somalia.... more Thank you
Not to be missed The KM4 Square , The Industrial Street , market
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Mogadishu is Beautiful City and i like it cous it's my home city i was born it, i was grew it, i life it now so i can't express my opinion to Mogadishu but i can say it's City of... more Beautiful
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : It is an old city with amazing feature and historical background. Mogadishu is a business center for whole Somalia. It has big airport, seaport and many big hotels and restaurants.
Not to be missed sun & long beach , commercial centers , government buildings
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