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Bhimbetka Travel Guide  

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Bhimbetka is located in Madhya Pradesh approximately 45 kilometers towards the south of Bhopal.At this place, the earliest known traces of human life in India are located.
The ‘Rock shelters of Bhimbetka’ are situated at the southern edge of the Vindhyachal hills. The Satpura hills are located towards the south of these rock shelters.
During the summer season the weather is hot and dry while during the monsoon there is moderate temperature and abundant rainfall and in the winter season the weather is sunny and pleasant. The best time to visit this place is from August to March.
Bhimbetka has been declared to be a World Heritage Site.

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Reviews Bhimbetka

Robert Bale
Level 100     6 Trophy   
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : The singular tourist attraction of this place is the Bhimbetka Caves. The scenes of the cave paintings are done in red and white color along with a rare use of yellow and green and portray daily events like household scenes,... more masking, disguises, decoration of bodies, honey collection, animals fighting, horse and elephant riders, music, dancing and hunting. In some caves, animals have also been drawn while in others famous religious and ritual symbols are seen often. These drawings are classified into different periods as mentioned below : Medieval The Medieval paintings are linear, geometric and more schematic, but there is no delicacy in the artistic style. Early History The early history paintings are done basically in red, yellow and white and these portray the existence of scripts of various periods, tunic-like dresses and religious symbols. The religious beliefs can be understood through the drawings of magical sky chariots, tree gods and yakshas (nature spirits). Chaleolithic The Chaleolithic paintings are evidence of the fact that those living in the caves had established contact with the agricultural people of the Malwa plains and there was an exchange of requirements with one another. Mesolithic The Mesolithic paintings are small in dimensions and portray a linear decoration of the body. The drawings pertaining to hunting provide a correct idea of the weapons that are used. There is also a portrayal of burials, drinking, men and women, musical instruments, birds and communal dances. Upper Paleolithic The Upper Paleolithic drawings are majorly linear images in dark red and green of animals like rhinoceros, tigers and bison.
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : It is famous for pre historic rock paintings. There r over 750 rock shelters , nearly 500 of which have paintings. The colors used in paintings r red , green, white, ochre.
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