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Casablanca Travel Guide  

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The financial capital and an internationally expanding metropolis, Casablanca owes its name to the few white houses gently growing old along its ramparts. Completely rebuilt from 1920 onwards, it is now a perfect example of successful colonial urban development.
The town centre, with its combination of art deco and neo-Moorish styles, is a paean to harmony and balance. From the enormous Hassan II mosque to the Zevaco cupola, United Nations Square, Morocco’s most contemporary town integrates modernity and tradition in a way that it has made its own. Its architecture, opting for straight lines and restrained shapes, has given it a trendy, cosmopolitan aura, a city where fashions, ideas and new trends are constantly emerging.
Attractive and so vital for the Kingdom, Casablanca is a town that you very quickly want to address by its nickname, Casa.

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Reviews Casablanca

Robert Bale
Level 100     6 Trophy   
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : In Casablanca, even the souks have benefited from the march progress. And how magnificently! Built at the beginning of the century, the Habbous district seems as if it bas been throbbing with activity silice the dawn of time.... more Punctuated by attractive little shaded1 squares, narrow streets lined with arcades lead froID one souk to j another. Here, the coppersmiths shape teapots, cauldrons, chandeliers! vases, lanterns and trays... These are the bazaars bursting with all kinds of merchandise in aIl imaginable colours... on one si de there is the curious and fragrant olive souk... on the ather the pastry shops piled high with appetising doughnuts, "cornes de gazelles" and date cakes... Rows of mechanical sewing machines being worked by men in djellabas... strange but wonderful antique ~hops selling fascinating and beautiful objets d'art ln this quarter stands the Mahkama du Pacha, the sumptuous edifice which bouses both the court of justice and reception rooms for state occasions. And, a little further on, the Notre Dame de Lourdes church, a monumental concrete sculpture dating from the 50's, lit by vast stained glass windows covering an area of 800 square metres. ln comparison, the old medina appears like an extravagant labyrinth which bas fortunately been contained within the ramparts. What a delight it is to wander through ifs bustling streets - watching the never-ending spectacle of barbeTs, butchers, grocers, ironmongers and their throngs of customers... But if, during the day, Casablanca is alive with dynamism, during the evening you cali dTink in the sea air on the famous corniche, the are a preferred by those looking for the night life, with ifs beaches and swimming pools, ifs fashionable bars, restaurants and hotels. A dynamic metropolis, Casablanca achieves ils power by drawing on ils rich cultural heritage and adapting it to modern business needs. It encourages forums and debates and possesses aIl the infrastructure of a major international capital. Congresses and conventions bring together scientists, industrialists and financiers from aIl over the world. Seminars and round taes are held in the opulent meeting rooms of ils luxury hotels. Political summits take place there. Which is, in fact, quite a tradition. ln 1943, His Late Majesty, Mohamed V, accompanied by His Majesty Hassan Il,.then a young prince, welcomed the three great leaders of the free world; Churchill, Roosevelt and de Gaulle, for the Anfa
Rohan Silva
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Couple
Overall rating 4
Overall Guide : I went purely to experience the rail journey from Marrakech, without any pre planning. Advise 1st class travel as the seats could be pre booked. The journey was good and on time, not expensive either. Things are cheaper than Marrakech... more and vendors not intimidating. If asking for directions, consult two parties just to be sure. If you need buy local maps, the only place I found was at the Railway station shop by the exit. If you are visiting the Famous Hassan the 2nd Mosque, non moslems are only allowed during the 3 morning tour sessions only ,the last being at 1100am. Taxi drivers may tell otherwise, just to get your hire. People speak very little English, but fluent in French. Avoid people who volunteer to escort you as they will take you to places where they get a commission and also will expect something from you for the favour. R
raphael hassune
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : Je suis ne au maroc. Il est ma nostalgie de tout les temps. ainssi il m'est difficile d'etr objectif. A part ca, il evident que le Maroc est unique par ses caracters dont on en trouve pas nullement ailleurs. La... more modernnete et l'anciennete y cohabitent harmonieusement ensemble. C'est shoette.
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : A very nice place to visit. Once you arrived here, you'ill not miss to seee all the nice buildings and beautiful landscaping. Most of the people here are so polite and cheerfull.
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : Casablanca is a nice place but expensive for foreigners. Well developed but citizens don't cooperate will strangers. Harsh climatic condition.
Not to be missed The Magic of Place Mohamed V , shopping
Level 9     1 Trophy   
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : The hotels were not exaclty cheep but well worth it when you get to see the sights as well as feel the history in the city. The currency is very different so you have to get used to that but... more an overall good rating. I brought my kids and although I was a little nervous about the safety quality, they had a great time.
Overall rating 2
Overall Guide : Great city but there are a lot of problems which need really responsible and hard investment and arrangement.
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Couple
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Great place to arrive in Morocco. All the services you need, with a bit of touristy stuff, almost no hassel, and friendly helpful people.
Not to be missed Hassan II Mosque
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