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Lagos Travel Guide  

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Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria as well as the whole of Africa, is a huge metropolis in the south-west. It used to be the capital before that title was given to Abuja. The city has three major islands: Ikoyi, Victoria and the main Lagos Island which is linked to the other two islands by bridges.
The hottest month is March; the coolest, July. There are two rainy seasons: the heavier one from April to July and the lighter one from October to November. Dusty Harmattan winds are prominent in the dry season from November to March. On an average, the daytime temperature is around 25°C.
With a population of around 15 million people, Lagos is Nigeria’s administrative and economic centre, with all financial institutions and the Nigerian film industry ‘Nollywood’ being centred here. It is also the chief port of Nigeria.

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Reviews Lagos

stephen joseph
Level 11     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends, Family
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : Lagos is one of the best place to reside in Nigeria, but one or the most difficult state. Lagos is a very busy place whereby the people or its inhabitant see it as too crowded too noisy for a resting... more place. Though very few areas aren't that busy. One difficult challenge in Lagos state is the traffic jam. Most people will have to leave there various homes as early as 4:00 or 5:00am, so as to meet up or get to there destination on time. A place which might not take up to an hour, one have to spend about 3:00hours plus on the way all in the name traffic jam, which is mainly caused by bad roads, motor parking illegally, misconduct of bus drivers, impatience by motorist, few motor lanes, A very big example of a place (an international road ), known as Badagry express road, which links to some west Africa Countries, has the most bad road in Lagos state. This has caused a lot of accident, trailers fallen down which most times worsen the case. Aside traffic congestion, there are lots of negative happenings in Lagos as a whole, which are the act of doping, molesting, improper governmental management, police, minimal job opportunities, high price of things, insufficient resources, insecurity and some other negative things in Lagos. All the same, Lagos as i said is the best place to reside in the sense that - You get almost everything easier and at better rate if you really want, with little amount of capital with you , your business can still stand or survive because of a lot of buyers out there. Lagos is where you get the good and the bad. The good as in quality and standard education, A better infrastructure on ground than almost all states in Nigeria doesn’t have, a lot of good services available in Lagos which one can partake and benefit from, In terms of technology, Lagos is the number one in the whole of Nigeria, the misusing of it, they are still number one. When you talk about sports, they are the best. Lagos state have some nice places and beautiful buildings and towers, Lagos state is the most developed and standard state, but still have some bad and ancient buildings. They have the highest number of participant. 'They said, once you know your way in Lagos, You are bound to make it there’. Which i believe is absolutely true. The present government are trying for the state ,but there are some bad ones in that cabinet. Which sucks all the money and good tidings of this great and wonderful state. God bless Lagos state, GOD BLESS NIGERIA.
Not to be missed Technology , hospitality , Business
Robert Bale
Level 100     6 Trophy   
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Lagos is famous worldwide for its musical heritage. Fuji music and Afro-hip hop are the exciting styles that attract a large number of tourists. If you’re in a mood to indulge, head to the elite Victoria Island, home to Nigeria’s... more largest malls and movie complexes. If you’re fortunate, you might be able to see musical jamborees and national Nigerian celebrations taking place at the Tafawa Balewa Square. A trip to Lagos Island is incomplete without a visit to the 300-year-old Oba’s Palace in the north. Being the official residence of Lagos’ Oba (titular king), it is a remarkable example of Brazilian architecture. The magnificent Brazilian-designed Shitta Mosque in the city is also worth a visit. Nigerian cuisine is at its best in Lagos, ranging from the up-market Eko Hotel to the party hotspots at Ikoyi. Don’t miss the Nigerian special Pepper Soup, the locally brewed Guiness drink or the non-vegetarian specialties.
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Couple
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Lagos has proved to be the only place in West Africa where there is measurable safety and financial prudence where you can see what the govt is doing with the tax payers money. Lagos is also known to have set... more a record that will beat Dubai trade and property initiative in time to come. However, the politics of bitterness must be discarded to make our Lagos the best in the world. I am proud to be a Lagosian.
Not to be missed Lots of commercial activities , Beach
Tolu shokunbi
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Family
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : You have to know someone in Lagos before you can live and Lagos is also a place where all jobs you want is found but you must know someone before you can work. There is lot of arm robbery and... more it is not safe to go out in the night and things in lagos are expensive, but i like Lagos for one thing: it is a place for entertainment
Charles Nkanga
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Family
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Too many laws with little or no effective enforcement is not good for the future of Lagos. Beautifying the canals and waterways, coupled with the present drive by the Governor for revegetation, will definitely rank Lagos among the top ultra-metro-cities in... more the world. Thank GOD the pigeons are gradually coming back. A sweet reminder of my wonderful childhood in the old Lagos. Eko for show.
Not to be missed Beach
Level 11     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Friends, Solo, Family
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Lagos is a very big city. and it comprises of different tribal groups. it does not belong to ant ethnic group per-say. it is also an urban centre. large percentage of the countries(Nigeria) industry are found in lagos. lagos can... more be divided into two, we have the low density and the high density. the high density are places like okoko, ajegunle, adaloko, ajangbadi and so on, in this place both the low and middle incomers are found here.while the low density are places like victoria island, ikeje, ogba, festac and so on, this are places where the rich leave, and there are spaces for relaxation more,cinemas and galleries are found here, and there are more opportunity compared to the high density area.although the security is fair. generally, lagos is a very good place to live. Everybody wants to live in lagos
Not to be missed National theatre , Recreation centres
samuel adogba
Overall rating 5
Overall Guide : Fun city that never goes to sleep. When ever you wanna go out their is always a place to have you and accommodate your needs. The busy life is killing some times as its not easy to drive around due... more to it busy nature. Its fun, busy and expensive to live in but you'll enjoy your stay as the people are friendly.
Overall rating 9
Overall Guide : If you are going to your workplace assuming u stay on the mainland and your workingplace is on the island i would advice you to wake up early so as to beat the traffic .. lets say around 6:30. Then... more you must follow all traffic rules as in Lagos there are strict traffic rules, that must not be disregarded.
Level 14     2 Trophy   
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Great city to live in! Lagos is a city where art and craft has its base, where everyone can live according to their abilities and it is just the only place where commerce has its place. Lagos remains the only... more city where immigrants dreams to live and it is just because of their great sustaintial and economic refills.
Not to be missed enviromental fun , general entertaiment , Beach
kabiru shehu
Level 9     1 Trophy    Viaggia: Family
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Lagos is state were you can see all the ethnics and languages in Nigeria. the roads in Lagos are connected to each order. There are so many places for tourist, nightclubs, in ikeja, ikoyi, victoria island, opebi ,badagry, apapa and... more so many other places. Lagos is one of the best state in nigeria.
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Destinations near Lagos

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What to visit

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