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Damascus Travel Guide  

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Damascus is situated in the south-western corner of Syria, in the oasis of Ghouta on the margins of the Syrian Desert, by precision.
Damascus, settled about 2500 BC, claims to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the whole world. Its first appearance in history, is as a city conquered in the 15th century BC by the Pharaoh Thutmosis III.
It was the capital of a powerful Aramaic state in the 9th and 8th centuries BC, before being captured and sacked by the Assyrians. At that point, it lost its independence for hundreds of years, falling under Neo-Babylonian, Persia, Seleucid, and Roman rule.
During World War II, Free French and British forces entered Damascus, which became capital of independent Syria in 1941.
The city is therefore a centre of both Christian and Muslim faith. It was on the way to Damascus, that St. Paul, who was sent to put down the Christians, had the revelation of faith.
Damascus steel gained a legendary reputation among the Crusaders, and patterned steel is still known as "damascened".
Today, Damascus houses the Syrian Government and with an estimated population of 3.5 million, is the hub of Syrian economic affairs. The old city lies south of the Barada river, and the new town lies north of it.

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Reviews Damascus

Robert Bale
Level 100     6 Trophy   
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Major sights of Damascus include: The National Museum of Damascus, which displays a wonderful archaeological and historical collection. The Omayyad Mosque, early 8th century, one of the largest and most famous mosques in the Muslim world. Before... more you enter the mosque, don’t miss the nearby Saladin's Mausoleum built in 1193 and set in a relaxing garden. The Azem Palace, once the home of an Ottoman governor and now Museum of the Arts & Popular Traditions of Syria, is a beautiful building built in 1749 from alternating lines of black basalt and white limestone. Go shopping through the city's main market, the colourful Souq al-Hamidiyya. St Paul's Chape is located in the east of the Old City. Dedicated to the saint you can see the spot at the old city gate Bab Kisan, where the disciples lowered St Paul out of a window one night so that he could flee the Jews. Takiyya as-Süleimaniyya, one of Syria's prettiest mosques designed in the Ottoman style, is located at the south of Barada River.
Overall rating 6
Overall Guide : Damascus is fantastic place for people who love history. I lived here for 7 years, wonderful place to visit, fantastic food so fresh and quick to servem great services, very generous so many hystorical sites and religion are very respected.
Overall rating 9
Overall Guide : I worked in Damascus about 3 years, I like Damascus because it is my town and transportation here is so cheap but there is a lot of people who cant find a job here although they are graduated from college.
Overall rating 4
Overall Guide : Damascus was a great city, it had almost everything you would like, it was safe, it was fun, it was a place you would visit anytime to enjoy and fulfill your life or to pursue your dreams.
Muhammad Abdul Rauf
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Damascus is one of the most beautiful and attractive city of the world. It is my long desire that I could be Syrian. I love very much Damascus.I love Damascus!
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Damascus is piece of heaven, must go and check it out!!
Level 11     1 Trophy   
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Beautiful place, nice people
Not to be missed Old City , Umayyad Mosque , Suq Hamidiyah
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