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Fasano Travel Guide  

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Great way to start your visit to Fasano , Italy. We visited the Fasano safari park. The Park is set in over 140 hectares; it is Italy’s largest and has many diverse species of animals. It opened in 1973 and it’s a place where you can get up close and personal with some of the animals. You can drive your own vehicle through the main safari area. Here you will find the more docile animals such as camels, deer, zebra and giraffes. If you are not comfortable with the animals poking their heads inside the car window, it might be a good idea to roll your windows up. The part of the safari that cannot be done by car has to be done on foot or there is a small train that takes you around. This also includes The Monkey Village which houses more than 300 monkeys. After you have had your fill of the animals you can hop over to another fun destination, Fasanolandia Fun Park. Its an amusement park with a varied range of exhilarating rides which suits different ages. Another attraction is the Dolphinarium, where you can spend time watching different mammals, reptiles and tropical fish .Time sure flies when you are watching fish swim by gracefully. It would be wise to get a head start cause there are some long winding queues in these places as they are very popular with the kids and adults alike. If possible it would be better to get lunch/snacks from the local market which you can eat as a picnic instead of spending more money on the restaurants. Another place to visit is the caves of Castellana. The caves are a 3 km network of underground caves . The caves are full of various hued stalagmites and stalactites. The caves also included the White Grotto, a platform of pure white, stalactites, stalagmites, speleothems, crystals, and helictites. These caves are very popular and the most famous caves in Italy. Castellana caves can be reached in two different ways , the shortest route is only 1 km in case you want a quick way to reach it , there is another way which takes about 3 km , you can use this if you are looking forward to a longish walk . The first and the biggest of the cave is called the Grave in this network of underground graves and the only one that is partially open . The Grave of Castellana has a natural skylight ,circularly surrounded by oak trees ,from where a clear strip of sky is visible . Right at the end of the tour,the sighting of the white cave is truly a sight to behold . The moment to step in ,all the beauty that you saw before pales in the face of the gorgeous alabaster cave .It is here that you first realize the wonderful mastery of nature . It is truly beauty in its purest form! There are other small places that you could visit for beaches, historical venues like the Ostuni, Polignano. They are wonderful places each with their own flavor ,where you can feel and experience the city’s character .

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San Giovanni Battista e santa Maria di Pozzo Faceto
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